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Zach and Brian preview some of the big movies from 2018 and try to anticipate what this year's hits and bombs will be.

In honor of John Carpenter's birthday, celebrate the not-so-obvious contributions the filmmaker and musician has made to pop culture

This week sees the release of the masterful 'Blade Runner 2049,' Joe Dante's William Castle homage 'Matinee,' and more

Conflicting stories complicate one of cinema's more entertaining urban legends in Jay Cheel's "Twisted" - our lates Short Film of the Week!

We celebrate the best films of 2017 and stake the heart of our Werner Herzog Directors Series.

Phantom Thread is another well-woven marvel from Paul Thomas Anderson.

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Seth MacFarlane's The Orville doesn't just make you laugh, it makes you think

Discovery out-freaks the conspiracy theory geeks this week, as a spore drive malfunction sends the

Kevin Probably raises suspicions that a certain lack of rigorous talent scouting pervades the entire

It looks like violence provides the only path to peace on this week's episode of

As the SS closes in on mutant headquarters, Dreamer messes with Turner's mind, the Struckers

It's Galactic Groundhog Day, as Harry Mudd uses time travel to take over the Discovery,