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Composer Clint Mansell casts a majestic, mysterious energy over new release 'Loving Vincent' - and you can stream the complete original score right here.

David Gordon Green's Stronger is richer and more powerful than your average Hollywood biopic.

'Loving Vincent' is a lavish ode to Van Gogh's turbulent life and mysterious death that has to be seen to be believed.

Listen to an exclusive track from the 'Stronger' soundtrack.

Stronger is nothing revolutionary, but perhaps that's precisely the point and what makes it all the more powerful.

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A new Chesapeake Shores review has washed ashore!

Our latest Chesapeake Shores review has landed.

This week's Chesapeake Shores review has landed.

Chesapeake Shores, S2 E4: “It’s Always Nashville” Written by Kirsten Hansen Directed by Terry Ingram “I’m a writer

Season 7 of Game Of Thrones comes to an end.

It's time for a new Chesapeake Shores review!