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October 2018

http://traffic.libsyn.com/thenewsreel/News_Reel_Ep_144.mp3 The Wrap reporter Umberto Gonzalez joins the podcast to chat about James Gunn's new job writing and directing Suicide Squad 2 and what that means for him, DC and Marvel moving forward.   Top Stories: Disney is busy with live-action with an Aladdin teaser and Lilo & Stitch on the

Hardcore slasher fans might find something to relish in the practical effects and cinematography, but everyone else will feel buyer's remorse for Hell Fest.

Zach and Brian discuss what the next step for superhero movies could be and why a move into the "prestige" direction with the inclusion of people like Chloe Zhao and Joaquin Phoenix in new projects could be signaling that shift.

As a relatively niche film genre, football documentaries are often surprisingly good. Of course, sports fans will need little convincing of the merits of these sorts of movies; but for the cinephiles who wouldn’t generally choose to watch films like this, we’re going to present