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May 2019

If there's a theme for movies that we see time and time again throughout cinema history, it's casinos. There's nothing quite as thrilling as watching a character place a risky bet or the mind games that take place at the card table. This thrill keeps you glued to

After being indicated for the first time this year for an Oscar on one of its production, Netflix continues to be keen on producing high-quality movies. One of the most recent is The Highwaymen, released at 10th March of 2019 in the USA by South

Aided by a more potent script and a taught second act, D'Onofrio's film could have resulted in one of the decade's notable Westerns, as it stands, The Kid will serve as one of many satisfactory streaming options from the comfort of home.

Casino Royale is one of the most intense and intriguing movies that was played by James Bond. James Bond is the main character of the film played by many men including Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig plays the most significant role of James Bond in the

There are lots of films featuring poker over the years. It’s understandable why. The game is inherently dramatic and, when the stakes get really high, poker, particularly in its Texas hold’em style, provides the same sorts of cinematic thrills found in high-speed police chases or