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Nicolas Cage is an excellent actor. It’s easy to forget that, given the walking/talking meme Cage has become, and his rather questionable career choices . But with Joe, Cage seems to be on the road to recovery to remind us he’s still got it in him to

Oculus has a lot of good things going for it. For one, it’s being ushered in under Blumhouse, Jason Blum’s production company specializing in modern horror films such as Insidious, Paranormal Activity, and Sinister.

Rumsfeld is, even by his own admission, cold and calculated. He never slips up, he never shows any sign of regret for any of his actions. At the end of the film, Morris bluntly asks Rumsfeld, “Why are you talking to me?” Rumsfeld laughs at

The Week in Review catches you up on all the cinema news you may have missed this week. NEWS Warner Bros. confirms what we already knew: a Justice League movie is in the works. [via the New York Times] People are

I can enjoy bad movies, but Sabotage is one of the most aggressively bad movies I’ve seen. There’s no heart or soul to this film, just a big empty void filled up with bile and gore.