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  Download We're back!  This week we discuss some advance screenings we attended.  We go over some bad movies by great directors and Dave wows everyone with his uncanny celebrity impressions.  Summer blockbuster season is coming so we list the summer movies we're most (and least) looking

  Download In our very first episode we talk about the Oscars and do a table reading from the new Robocop script.  Then for some reason we watch the new Godzilla trailer.  We briefly discuss our rating system and somehow end up comparing and contrasting Wes Anderson

The big dumb action movie is an integral piece of the cinema world.  Everything about it is larger than life and it provides audiences with an escape that is far more unbelievable and fantastical than, say dramatic masterpieces like The Godfather or critically acclaimed comedies

In our current series 2014, we list our top 10 most anticipated films of the coming year. 1.  The Sacrament Fresh faced horror director Ti West’s latest film is about two journalists on the search for the friend’s missing sister.  It’s a found footage style film that I’m

The screenplay is the fabric of nightmares, but the look of this movie really drives the final nail in the coffin. There’s one character in particular, a weasel, who literally looks like a wet, plastic scrotum made of Ken Doll hair.