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After being indicated for the first time this year for an Oscar on one of its production, Netflix continues to be keen on producing high-quality movies. One of the most recent is The Highwaymen, released at 10th March of 2019 in the USA by South

As a relatively niche film genre, football documentaries are often surprisingly good. Of course, sports fans will need little convincing of the merits of these sorts of movies; but for the cinephiles who wouldn’t generally choose to watch films like this, we’re going to present

This year's most well-known and famous unearthed movie franchise, Alex Kurtzman's The Mummy, was one of the biggest failures of modern-day movie-making. This latest time the bandage-wrapped Egyptian returned to the silver screen, most of the moviegoers wished she didn't (if you haven't seen The

Theories and speculations of a new movie sequel of Hellboy keep spreading, though it will be slightly different from what we’ve seen until today. In the movie adaptation of the comics created by Mike Mignola back in 1993, the demonic figure of Hellboy (played by Ron