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Texas Chainsaw 3D acts as sort of direct-sequel to 1974’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. That film is considered a masterpiece of horror. This film is considered something that makes me want to drink some poison and then throw myself in front of a bus

Hidden within the plethora of movie streaming services are true gems; Streaming Obscura seeks to shine some light on the films you might otherwise miss.    You really need a bit of context before watching Monsters. Director Gareth Edwards was 34 when he started filming the movie.

The 2014 South By Southwest Film Festival opens tomorrow and the CutPrintFilm staff has compiled a list of the movies most worth waiting in line for. 1. Honeymoon - Dir. Leigh Janiak   I'm not even a horror movie fan, seriously; they scare me. However, in my recent

When it comes to film adaptations of books, no author seems to be more misunderstood than Alan Moore. Any time a film is announced based on one of his books, Moore instantly more or less gives everyone the middle finger and says, “Enjoy fucking it