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From the director of the excellent Australian crime drama Animal Kingdom comes The Rover, a bleak, brutal and sometimes darkly funny dystopian thriller.

A biopic that seems more concerned with it's surroundings than it's subject, which in a more well developed film, could be read as a commentary on fashion itself, yet here it is just a result of less than stellar filmmaking.

Night Moves is the story of “Josh” (Jesse Eisenberg) & “Dena” (Dakota Fanning) – two passionate environmentalists that are fed up with just talking about saving the planet. With the help of a like-minded ex-marine; "Harmon" (Peter Sarsgaard), they set out to blow up a

Hellion stumbles and lurches to the finish line, abandoning its most interesting ideas in order to go the distance, and for every sudden burst of thrilling speed, there is a trope or plot device that has been inserted just to keep it on its legs.