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“That was one of your weaker digressions.” When all is said and done, Nymphomaniac turns out to be a sort of “greatest hits” compilation for Lars von Trier, as he has callbacks to several of his earlier films. There is a scene in which a child

Imagine you were going to write a new YA series, but you really wanted to make an ass-load of cash and didn't really give a shit about your characters or any of that pesky stuff. Well you’d probably just steal all the cool bits and

I’m not interested in cars, or car movies, or car culture. Nothing against people who are interested in that stuff, it’s just not for me. So I went into Need for Speed expecting something terrible. Color me surprised, because Need for Speed is one of

I never watched Veronica Mars when it was on UPN (and later the CW network).  It aired from 2004 to 2007 and during those years nearly all of my TV habits revolved around watching LOST, talking about LOST and ravenously eating up all the LOST

Of all film genres, comedy has to be the hardest to succeed at.  Just take a look at the IMDb Top 250 and you’ll only find a very small handful of comedies listed.  The public consciousness is fickle when it comes to what it finds

We open on a beautiful, soothing scene. An alleyway, as rain and snow drift from the sky, musically tapping against the metal lids of trash cans. Beads of water hang from the corners of buildings, swelling, then drop. Among this harmonious setting, we catch glimpses of

Five years ago, young piano genius Tom Selznick (Elijah Wood) had a breakdown on stage while trying to play an impossible piece called “La Cinquette.” Now Tom is about to get back on stage in Chicago. He’s freaking out about it, as the shadow of his

“Did he just throw my cat out the window?” By now, you probably know whether or not you like Wes Anderson movies. He has a certain style, and he is steadfast to remain within that style. So if you dislike a previous Anderson film, a new one

The big dumb action movie is an integral piece of the cinema world.  Everything about it is larger than life and it provides audiences with an escape that is far more unbelievable and fantastical than, say dramatic masterpieces like The Godfather or critically acclaimed comedies

  Let’s start with some marketing and economics. Yesterday Business Week posted an article about the state of toy movies, claiming “as go the movies, so go [toy corporation]’s fortunes. Which is why 2013—not a major year for kids’ movie-toy franchises—was less than stellar, following broader trends in