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“Did he just throw my cat out the window?” By now, you probably know whether or not you like Wes Anderson movies. He has a certain style, and he is steadfast to remain within that style. So if you dislike a previous Anderson film, a new one

The big dumb action movie is an integral piece of the cinema world.  Everything about it is larger than life and it provides audiences with an escape that is far more unbelievable and fantastical than, say dramatic masterpieces like The Godfather or critically acclaimed comedies

  Let’s start with some marketing and economics. Yesterday Business Week posted an article about the state of toy movies, claiming “as go the movies, so go [toy corporation]’s fortunes. Which is why 2013—not a major year for kids’ movie-toy franchises—was less than stellar, following broader trends in

You can practically feel the cold, biting, unforgiving winter air coming off the screen as Inside Llewyn Davis, the new and exquisite film from the Coen Brothers, unfolds. Set against the backdrop of the Greenwich Village folk scene in the early ‘60s, the film follows