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6 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her That Are Better Than Flowers

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re in a relationship, it’s time to start thinking about what to get for that special someone in your life. Think about what she does in her downtime, or what she says she wants to do and bring that very special valentine’s day gift for her. Flowers, chocolate, wine and a romantic dinner are all great traditional ideas and they never get old. But this year don’t just take her out to dinner, celebrate your relationship by giving cute gift and show your affection with something extra special and romantic. What’s more, we’ve brilliant ideas for all budgets, meaning you needn’t break the bank!

Spice Flavoured Chocolates

If your woman has a taste for spicy food, so instead of buying regular chocolates, you should surprise her with some spice-flavoured chocolates this valentine. It’s the best gift to add some spice in your overly sweet and boring life and she would certainly relish this sweet and spicy combination of chocolate.

A Spa Day

Few things are more satisfying than a warm bath after a long day and if you have extra spending money from your year-end bonus and really want to treat her. Gift her, and yourself, with a relaxing massage. You’ll both feel refreshed and appreciate the sensual vibes of the shared experience.


If she loves listening to music, watching movies and shows you can sign your partner up for a subscription to a year-long service that you know she’ll be grateful for and fully enjoy. Spotify, Apple Music, Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu etc are few examples of subscription service, select the one according to your partner taste.

A Weekend Getaway

Surprise her with an escape from the everyday grind. Book a romantic weekend getaway to spend some quality alone time together. Reignite the romance with a weekend spent together and spending an evening or two at a nice restaurant. The little bit of effort put into that weekend will paid off huge for weeks to come. It’s one of the best investments you could make in your relation.

Scented Candles

Scented candles will serve a dual purpose for you. You will give an astonishing Valentine day gift plus you can expect to have a wonderful Valentine evening with your partner between the fascinating fragrance of scented candles.

Get Creative

From preparing her favourite breakfast from scratch to playing a song dedicated to her, a DIY gesture always comes with that distinctive awe effect at the end. Even if mess up the breakfast or sing in a rough manner, she would appreciate and love you for the effort taken.

Give Reminders

Send a few iMessage or WhatsApp messages throughout the day. Leave a few notes around the house. When your partner reminds each other how much they are loved, it assists the progress of better communication on other subjects, too.

So, whether you plan to spend time at home or outside, just remember that it’s all about celebrating love. All you need to do is “Be there”.

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