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Christmas Party Ideas – Great Ways to Make It Special

Christmas is already a special time of year. It is a time of fun and frivolity. However, far too often, a lack of planning can mean that the occasion is overshadowed by the events at the party – and nobody wants that. There are simple tricks to draw attention away from surroundings or food, and toward having a little fun – that is what Christmas is about after all. For example, how about some celebrity party masks for your guests – just think of Thor or Avengers being present in the room amongst all of your friends…

Here we look at some great Christmas Party ideas and give you some tips as to how to make your occasion special. With a little planning and preparation we can ensure that the event is memorable for all of the right reasons…


Perhaps expectations are raised when it comes to Christmas, but one thing is for certain, and that is the fact that people will be hungry and the food will often be the focal point of the evening.

What you have to weigh up is whether you want to go “full on traditional” or whether you want to add a subtle twist. What you must remember though is that this is about your guests, not about you; it is about giving them something memorable rather than you slaving over a hot stove. As a host, being stuck in the kitchen ensuring everything is cooked, may mean that your attention is missing from other areas – such as whether or not your guests are having a good time. You need to look after your guests and let the food look after itself, so think of something that tastes great, but needs a little less effort.


Having a dress code, or theme, can focus people’s attention onto aesthetics rather than substance. People generally love getting dressed up after all. Think, if you had a fancy dress theme of the Avengers, and had some celebrity cardboard cutouts around the room, that would engage your guests and mean that they would have a memorable experience both leading up to the event and moreover whilst at the party. Furthermore, by having a theme, you are creating great memories for people to enjoy once the party season is over – being remembered as a great party is perhaps the best testament any host can hope for!


You can maybe tie the drinks into the theme, or have a bar, or waiter service to ensure that all of your guests are always holding a drink. Obviously the designated driver needs looking after, but people will remember the great atmosphere created by free-flowing cocktails and shorts etc.


Whilst it may be at your house, a venue can be staged perfectly to suit a party. Whether this is with party masks or other props, that is up to the host, but just because it is “at home” doesn’t mean that it won’t be special to your guests.

The best parties are made up of very few basic principles, people, venue, theme and food/drink. With a little preparation and creativity, you can ensure that your party will set the standard for all future events. Having hosted a successful party, you will be at the top of all of the future invite lists, and at this point you can sit back and let everyone else do the work!

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