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Are These Movie Franchises Better Off Dead?

This year’s most well-known and famous unearthed movie franchise, Alex Kurtzman’s The Mummy, was one of the biggest failures of modern-day movie-making. This latest time the bandage-wrapped Egyptian returned to the silver screen, most of the moviegoers wished she didn’t (if you haven’t seen The Mummy, don’t bother – it’s not worth it). And it is the latest example of a movie reboot done wrong, a lot like Joe Johnston’s 2010 The Wolfman remake, also part of Universal’s fresh Dark Universe.

The Dark Universe is not the only long-running movie series revived – or planned to be revived – in the coming months and years. Among them, there is Top Gun 2, ready for take-off after being grounded for more than three decades, and it’s not the only “ancient” movie franchise set to return from the dead in the coming years. The question is – is it a good idea, or should these franchises stay dead already?

Big Trouble in Little China was among the most entertaining movies in the 1980s and has become a cult classic ever since. Now, the movie is rumored to be remade, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Jack Burton. Will the movie be able to grasp the fun factor of the original? Will it have the same great soundtrack? Will John Carpenter be involved? Well… if the answer to the above questions is “yes”, it will have the chance to be a good movie. Otherwise, it’s better off dead. (PS: Carpenter’s other classic action movie, featuring the same Kurt Russell as “Snake” Plissken, is also said to get remade soon).

Charlie’s Angels was a great series, and a not-so-great feature film – a glorious mess, a nice comedy, finished off by its mediocre and boring sequel. Sony is said to reboot the franchise once again, with a fresh set of Angels and a fresh Bosley – Sony has a history of reboots, just look at what they did to poor Spider-Man.

Among the most interesting ideas over at Hollywood lately is to remake beloved animated features in a live-action form. Disney’s Aladdin, for example, is set to be remade by director Guy Ritchie, with Will Smith starring as the Genie. The story of Aladdin has been told numerous times before, and Disney’s feature-length animation was among the best (thanks in part to Robin Williams). But how do you remake a movie featuring talking animals and call it a “live-action” feature? Disney did it, creating a live-action version of its Jungle Book animated feature, and seems to have many others planned – hopefully, this won’t kill the tradition of animated films.

The list of upcoming reboots and remakes is longer than you could imagine. Among them, we find everything from true classics like Nosferatu to genre-defining works like Rambo, Predator, and Road House, cult classics like Suspiria, The Fly, and Toxic Avenger, and glorious messes like Van Helsing, Masters of the Universe, and many others. Is this a result of Hollywood’s blatant lack of creativity or its loss of balls? And should these movies be remade… or are they better off dead?

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