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The Greatest Bets on Screen

From James Bond to ‘The Kid’, who do you think has made the greatest on-screen bet of all time? Documenting both big wins and tragic losses, this infographic from VegasSlotsOnline.com has combined them all together so you can mind your own mind up.

Hollywood documents the glamour of gambling like no other, so it’s no wonder this selection of films spans a range of genres and decades. Dating back to the 60s we see classics like The Cincinnati Kid packing a tense game where a straight flush loses to a full house. Fast forward a few years and we have everything from comedy shows like South Park documenting losses of $350,000 to a math genius counting cards in Rain Main.

These iconic movies also show how playing cards can bring people together, as we see in films like California Split where two men named Bill and Charlie strike a friendship over their passion for gambling. What Happens in Vegas is another example of this, where two strangers marry in Vegas and find unexpected love after a crazy win on a slot machine.

It’s not only men that win big on-screen though. Run Lola Run tells the story of a girl who needs to win 100,000 Deutsche Mark in 20 minutes to save her boyfriend’s life, which she fortunately does at the roulette table.

While the excitement of gambling is appealing to many, not everyone has the skills or cash lying around to risk over a game. This results in our interest in big wins and losses in film and TV, however we’ll leave it for you to decide which scenario is the greatest on-screen bet.

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