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The Lego Batman Movie is the Latest Brick in Lego’s Growing Movie Empire

When you think of successful movie franchises, Lego may not be the first to spring to mind. However, the Danish toymakers are making the most out of their foray onto the big screen for sure. The Warner Bros. Animation produced franchise was able to secure the voices of Hollywood stars like Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, and Liam Neeson for The Lego Movie, the first production in the series. And it was indeed “awesome” as that annoyingly catchy song from the film went.

The second Lego movie sees Lego Batman star in his own spinoff. The Lego Batman Movie was released to audiences on February 10th 2017 to very strong reviews. The movie is another big budget production and sees extremely in demand talents like Ralph Fiennes, Zach Galifianakis, and Michael Cera join the cast.

The Lego Batman Movie is a hit with kids and adults

Will Arnett’s take on Batman in The Lego Movie was one of the movie’s main highlights, along with its superb animation, so it makes sense that Warner Bros. and Lego decided to bring the character back for some more brick-based fun.

The movie shows a softer side to the Batman that we’ve seen in recent years. In many ways, The Lego Batman Movie splices all of the on screen Batmans we’ve seen into one charming plastic version. Lego Batman is ironically moody (in a nod to Christopher Nolan’s revamped series, no doubt), whilst still being silly and goofy enough for kids to enjoy (much like Joel Schumacher’s movies in the 90s). Despite being a “kids” film, there’s plenty for grownups to enjoy in The Lego Batman Movie. There are also some subtle (and some painfully obvious) jokes at the expense of other DC movies and franchises that any true comic buff will enjoy.

The Lego Batman Movie has also been released at the perfect time. Comic book movies are certainly in demand right now and it’s been a few years since the Dark Knight Trilogy wrapped up, leaving a bat-shaped hole in the movie world. As a character, Batman is still hugely popular, with the character’s likeness as well as the famous bat symbol being used across merchandise and adverts. The Dark Knight even saw the Batman character enter the realm of online slot machines, which feature images, animation, and audio inspired by the movie, as you can find here. Released in 2012, the Dark Knight slot offers 243 ways to win using graphics, sounds and more from the 2008 film. It’s not surprise that any movie involving The World’s Greatest Detective is rife opportunity for mechandise. It comes in the form of movie tie-in Lego sets and memorabilia. Ample box sets, minifigures, and accessories have hit the shelves to coincide with the hype surrounding the movie.

A winning formula for movies and merchandise?

Following the success of the first two Lego movies, The Lego Ninjago Movie is also due to air in the latter half of 2017. In the same vein as the previous movies, an all-star cast has been assembled, including James Franco and Jackie Chan. It looks like the Lego and Warner have found a formula they’re going to run with for their future movies: sign up as many big names as possible, produce as many tie-in products as possible, and then sprinkle in the type of silly humor that will appeal to all ages.

Whilst the popularity of the franchise (so far) is clear to see. It will be interesting to see how audiences react to a Ninjago themed movie, which presumably has a much smaller core following as a product when compared to classic Lego.


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