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Why Actors Give Up Smoking


Anyone who has ever stopped smoking knows how difficult (and sometimes impossible) to do it. These stars had enough strength of will and spirit to give up the addiction. Many of them decided to try another way of smoking, but without harmful effects, dangerous smokes, bad smell, etc. Cigarette without smoke and odor is no surprise – electronic devices have densely entered into modern life. Everyone knows that compared to tobacco products, different e-cigarettes and vape mods have a lot of advantages.

Celebrities who quit smoking

Why Actors Give Up SmokingPenelope Cruz

There are several versions of why Penelope Cruz stopped smoking. At one time the media wrote that she did it for the sake of a new lover who did not tolerate cigarette smoke. Then there were reports that the actress was fascinated by Buddhism, which is not compatible with such a bad habit as smoking and takes care of the voice to participate in the musical, in which the leading role is for her.

But the main reason why Cruz said goodbye to cigarettes was likely to be her pregnancy: in her early stages, the actress still smoked, but after her critics even criticized her because of this, she refused this habit. Today, Penelope is pleased that she had enough willpower – she leads a healthy lifestyle, in which there is no place for nicotine and alcohol. Can you imagine how fashionable and stylish Penelope can look with vape mod? She already looks like a very successful woman, that can afford anything.

Ashton Kutcher

The former lover of Demi Moore, and now the husband of Mila Kunis, decided that perseverance and willpower would not interfere, but it would be nice to enlist some useful technique to fight nicotine addiction – he refused cigarettes with the help of Allen Carr’s famous book “Easy way to quit smoke.” By the way, it was Moore, who does not smoke herself, for this decisive action, and categorically does not tolerate someone else’s smoke. Before meeting with her, Catcher smoked heavily – his rate was forty cigarettes a day, but, based on the method of Carr, from the first attempt, it was easy to get rid of the addiction. But with alcohol, Ashton admits, he has problems – from time to time he allows himself to drink a glass of wine and gets a lot of pleasure from this process.




Gwyneth Paltrow

The famous actress tried to quit smoking more than once, but each time she was stopped by the fear of getting a few extra pounds, the actress immediately grabbed for cigarettes, smoking two packs a day. Gwyneth did not stop even the fact that her father died of cancer caused by this bad habit. Only after learning that she is waiting for the first child, Paltrow has found the strength to get rid of smoking. Today she can afford to smoke a single cigarette a week – on Saturday, with a glass of good wine. A few times however she was caught with the box mod vape, which is hundreds of times better than smoking.







Julia Roberts

She quit smoking, trying to become a mother. The actress could not get pregnant for a long time and vainly visited doctors who assured her that she was in good health, but there still was something wrong. When another doctor, looking at the results of the medical examination of the star, said that she could give birth, only quitting smoking, Julia did not hesitate for a minute – she wanted to become a mother so much that she was ready for anything.

Of course, quitting smoking was not easy for an actress – she said that her hands were always drawn to cigarettes, but there is no sin without good – to get rid of a bad habit, Roberts took up yoga, the follower of which is still. The doctor, advised the actress to give up cigarettes, was very helpful – today, Julia has three children, sons of Finnaeas and Henry and daughter Hazel. If we consider that the family of the actress is the main thing in life, which she continually talks about in an interview, her victim was not in vain.

Sharon Stone

She got rid of the habit of smoking in full accordance with folk wisdom, which says: there would be no happiness, but misfortune helped. The actress smoked a right half of her life, which often benefited her work – so, in the movie “Basic Instinct” a cigarette in her hand added to her attractiveness and provocation.

But after a brain hemorrhage that happened when Stone was forty-six years old, she was faced with the choice of smoking further, risking prematurely dying or becoming disabled, or getting rid of this bad habit. Doctors who saved the actress’s life insisted that she abandoned cigarettes – the substances contained in them hurt the vessels of the brain. Today, Sharon not only does not smoke but also hardly drinks – a couple of glasses of wine a week does not count, does not abuse coffee and does not spend nights at noisy parties – in general, it leads an exceptionally correct lifestyle.

Bruno Mars

Many celebrities use vaping devices to help themselves give up smoking. For example, Bruno Mars was a heavy smoker his entire life. After his mother passed away from a brain aneurysm last year, Bruno made sure to uphold the promise he made to her to quit smoking by switching to the best vape. He posted the photograph on Twitter, with the caption ‘This is for you mom.’ Cute, isn’t it?


There are many reasons why it is worth switching to wapping. The first and most important reason is that the vape device is much safer than regular cigarettes. Cigarettes with tobacco annually kill about six million people. In European countries and the United States, most studies have shown that wicking is a safe exercise, and therefore the number of vapers is increasing every day.

The second reason is that you save money when switching to a vape device. A typical smoker, after looking at the cost of all the constituent elements for doing with a vape device, thinks that it is more expensive compared to the cost of one pack of cigarettes. But this is a newbie’s mistake. A pack of cigarettes is a disposable product, which after consumption is only discarded. Vape device, on the contrary, will be in your long-term use, it can be improved and adjusted for yourself.

The third reason is that an e-cigarette can help you get rid of nicotine addiction forever. Most smokers repeatedly tried to quit smoking, used various plasters or chewing gum and other methods.


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