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Exclusive Soundtrack Premiere – ‘My Friend Dahmer’

Original Music by Andrew Hollander

By now, you’ve probably devoured every single episode of David Fincher’s Netflix serial killer drama Mindhunter. If not, you really need to get on that. Like now. Those of you who have experienced Fincher’s latest tour through the dark corners of the human psyche have probably spent the last week or two wondering if your co-workers/boyfriends/girflriends are displaying some of that pre-sociopathic behavior.

We really hope they aren’t. But it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out. And if you’re jonesing to continue your deep dive into the criminal mind, you’ll want to add Marc Meyers’ new film My Friend Dahmer to your must-see list. Based on Derf Backderf’s award-winning graphic novel of the same name, the film follows the awkward teenage years of one of history’s most notorious killers, Jeffrey Dahmer. Yes, he’s the guy who was also eating his victims. And yes, My Friend Dahmer looks to be one of the more unnerving portraits of a serial killer ever produced. While much of the film’s impact will fall on the shoulders of its young star Ross Lynch, the contributions of Composer Andrew Hollander will play a big part in setting the film’s sinister tone.

Hollander did not set about the task lightly, stating that, “One of the biggest challenges in scoring My Friend Dahmer was composing music for a story where the ending is already known to a lot of people. Marc (the director) was very clear that we always needed to stay in the present with Jeffrey and not jump ahead. Then it became a question of creating a sound for the film that was unsettling enough to bring you further into his mind, but not into the mind of a serial killer b/c he wasn’t one yet…he was becoming one. It was all about very subtle shifts in tones and sounds and bringing you into a world where there is so much unknown, some of it ultimately terrifying, that’s just beneath the surface.

Like we said, My Friend Dahmer looks to be a fascinating if disturbing piece of work. And if the two sample pieces from the film’s score below are any indication, Hollander is set to bring some serious mood to the mix. Check them out if you dare.

My Friend Dahmer hits theaters today. If you can handle the intensity, it’s guaranteed to be a haunting portrait of a truly disturbed young man. One who will eventually become a genuine monster. If the film/story behind My Friend Dahmer sounds at all interesting, then you should absolutely check out Derf Backderf’s chilling graphic novel as well. It’s a devastating piece of work. And FYI – whether you’re heading out to catch it in theaters or flipping pages of the book, Andrew Hollander’s original music will make an eerie, ethereal soundtrack to both. No word yet on an official release for Hollander’s score, but keep an eye out, ‘cause it’s likely to be one of the best horror scores of the year.

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