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Exclusive Soundtrack Premiere – ‘Professor Marston and the Wonder Women’

Original Music by Tom Howe

While we’re all hoping that Patty Jenkins and her Wonder Woman team get a little love come awards season, they may not be the only Wonder Woman tale in the mix. Angela Robinson’s upcoming drama Professor Marston and the Wonder Women was one of the genuine surprises to come out of TIFF 2017. And Robinson’s ‘based on the true story’ drama appears to pack the sort of prestige punch that summer’s biggest blockbuster never quite achieved.

The film stars Luke Evans as the titular Harvard Professor whose polyamorous relationship — with wife played by Rebecca Hall and mistress played by Bella Heathcoate — was behind the creation of iconic superhero Wonder Woman. With its thinly veiled undercurrents of bondage and sadomasochism — not to mention its clear support of feminist ideals — the comic was the cause of great controversy upon release. Professor Marston and the Wonder Women follows the highs and lows of the threesome’s life in the wake of that controversy and even follows the unexpected turn that came after the Professor passed away.

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women opens in select theaters this week, promising to deliver a complex blend of sexual energy, high drama and intellect … not to mention stellar performances from Evans, Hall and Heathcote. The film will also deliver an equally complex original score from award- winning Composer Tom Howe who — as it happens — also did some work on that other 2017 Wonder Woman flick.

Clearly, the thematic material throughout Professor Marston and the Wonder Women required a slightly different approach than its blockbuster counterpart. And Howe — who boarded the project before filming had even begun — tackled the film’s emotional undercurrents by mixing a distinctly classical approach with the use of “unusual percussion and bondage sounds.” That means there are legit sounds of whippings and spankings heard within the music itself. Still, much of Howe’s score errs on the side of classical, and that elegant approach is exactly what you’ll hear in this Exclusive Premiere of ‘Olive Makes Her Decision’.

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women hits theaters this Friday (10/13). It looks to be one of the more interesting offerings in theaters this Fall, so don’t miss it. Same goes for Tom Howe’s lush original score. That’ll be released by Sony Classical (digital and CD) same day as the film. But you can preorder your very own copy today via iTunes or Amazon.



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