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Francis Ford Coppola Digs into the Future of Movies with a Live Cinema Project

Not long back, a movie was among the few sources of entertainments for many. Today though, it is a different story. With improvement in technology and a busy lifestyle, people have access to a good many other things except movies for entertainment.  For instance you have console gaming, motion gaming or even virtual reality to spend your time immersed in other worlds.

How would the art of cinemas survive in the near future?

For movies to be engaging, they need to evolve with time, and that is what Francis Ford Coppola wants to do.

The Change in How We Watch Movies

Movies have transformed from 2D to 3D and some are even made for 4D theaters today. Francis Ford Coppola though believes it needs more change, and is experimenting now with live cinema project – to fulfil his dream of live cinema.

How does live cinema differ from the normal movies that love to watch in the theatres? We will take a look at it below.

About Francis Ford Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola is a famous Film director, screenwriter, film producer and film composer who has received the attention for his from the people. He has worked for as many 43 movies and still doesn’t shy away from trying new ways to create movies for the audience.

His new project name is Distant Vision, where he is experimenting with live cinema. Interestingly, while this may seem new to the audience, he had already dealt with live cinema in 1982 itself.

At that time, he had come up with One from the Heart project, which doesn’t get the appreciation he needed – Coppola feels it was just ahead for its time then.

Not today.

What is Live Cinema?

Live cinema is pretty much watching cinema live – just the way you watch live sports, award ceremonies and news. There will be no gap between the performance and the telecast.

For traditional moviegoers who want a bit of an adrenaline rush while watching their favorite stars, it is going to be interesting.

For one, there will be risks involved, unlike traditional movies – as it will be live.

And it’s like theatres – once done, it can’t be undone here.

The problem, as you can perhaps guess, is it can only reach to a limited number of people at one point of time, making it difficult for the artists and techniques to cope up with the script and to show their talents. Plus, the question remains how they will be able to make the project profitable since it would need a good many viewers at one point of time.

What is the Distant Vision?

Distant Vision was written by Francis Ford Coppola, which can perhaps be aptly named as a semi-autobiography. The duration of 27 minutes has 75 students involved, and is using the latest technology to deliver the best results. Distant Vision has multiple changes of locations as well as critical cinematography.

It’s sure to bring in a new charm to movies and Hollywood might just change as you know it!

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