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Hear An Exclusive Original Song From ‘One Percent More Humid’

Original Music by: Nathan Halpern

Director Liz W. Garcia didn’t exactly break the wheel with her 2013 debut, The Lifeguard. But the talented young filmmaker did manage to bring a charming, challenging new energy to that most formulaic of indie film genres – the ‘young adult adrift and moving back home’. With her new film One Percent More Humid just off of an acclaimed run at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, she appears to be doing the same with another tried and true of indie indie staple – the ‘childhood friends reconnect on summer break from college’ genre. If you’re at all familiar with the sub-genre, then you already know that things usually don’t go very well for anyone involved.

One Percent More Humid takes a similar approach. The film stars Juno Temple (Killer Joe, Wonder Wheel) and Julia Garner (Grandma, Ozark) as the friends in question. Once these fiery besties are back together for the summer, they pass the time skinny dipping, partying and generally running amok through their hometown. But tensions begin to boil in the New England heat and a traumatic event from the pair’s past – not to mention a couple of forbidden love affairs – eventually threatens their future. Those are the makings for some seriously high drama, folks. And that’s exactly what One Percent More Humid looks to deliver.

Much of that drama will be bolstered by the somber compositions of Nathan Halpern. The One Percent More Humid composer has spent much of his career scoring lauded documentaries like Rich Hill and Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present. Halpern cast wistful backdrops behind those films with an elegant mix of melancholic piano and sparse orchestration.

He takes a similar approach for One Percent More Humid, attempting to evoke “that feeling where drunken summertime love and pain co-mingle.” Halpern achieves that effect, “with a romantic piano motif representing the sensitive striving of our characters towards self-discovery. I set these sounds against churning, distorted tones of anguish, fluttering harps and strings of sexual excitement, and abstract, reflective sounds evocative of longing and loss.”

You’ll feel that sense of longing and loss throughout Halpern’s haunting original score. And you’ll hear it in this exclusive premiere of One Percent More Humid‘s end credits track ‘Calling to Me’ – which features words and music by Halpern himself and a vocal performance from the wonderful Emily Forsythe. Enjoy!

One Percent More Humid is currently available to rent via digital platforms. You can find yourself a digital copy of ‘Calling To Me’ as well as Nathan Halpern’s complete original score to One Percent More Humid on digital platforms as well. That means a quick trip over to iTunes or Amazon in case you need a little more direction. Be sure and check it out, ’cause you may not hear a more elegant collection of songs in a film this year.

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