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How to Market Your First Independent Film

It has never been easier for an aspiring filmmaker to produce, and even distribute, an independent film. This has been a real boon for the film industry, and it is no surprise that during the decades in which home video recording equipment became more widely accessible and affordable, the concept of the cult indie film was born. Not only is the equipment to shoot movies now available to just about anyone who wants it, the software needed to edit and polish it has also dropped considerably in price.

Making an independent film is now easier than ever before, but marketing an independent film isn’t so easy. In order to devise and execute a marketing plan that allows you to put your film in front of as many people as possible, for the lowest cost possible, you will need to understand the different marketing techniques that are available to you.

Use Social Media

Social media is probably the biggest and most valuable marketing platform in the world these days. There are billions of people who can be reached on social media. Even if you reduce this number just to the people who might be interested in your film, there is still a potential audience of millions for you to pitch to.

Not only is social media a very big platform with enormous potential reach, it is also the perfect platform to practice your organic marketing methods. Organic marketing is marketing which does not appear as such to viewers. Organic marketing is particularly effective because it doesn’t trigger our usual automatic defenses against someone trying to sell us stuff.

Invest in Physical Media

Once you have the finished product ready to go, there is nothing stopping you from releasing your film yourself, either digitally or physically. Digital distribution is great; it is the modern way of consuming films for many people and can take on a number of forms. However, there are still advantages to physical mediums. For one thing, physical media production and distribution isn’t as expensive as it used to be. You can take advantage of DVD duplication services to keep your costs down further.

Go Viral

Viral marketing is difficult to pull off correctly, but when it is done properly, it has awe-inspiring marketing power. Viral marketing is marketing which propagates itself, which spreads and grows of its own accord. It’s hard to qualify exactly what viral marketing is. In fact, the nature of viral marketing is that it doesn’t conform to our usual expectations of marketing methods.

It might help you to have a look at some examples of viral marketing campaigns which have proven to be successful. Note that if you attempt to go viral and fail, it can backfire spectacularly. Consumers have been surprisingly unforgiving of businesses that have unsuccessfully attempted to go viral in a really obvious way. For viral marketing to succeed, it must be, or appear to be, organic and spontaneous.

Marketing an independent film the right way can make all the difference when it comes to its ultimate success. It doesn’t matter how good your film is, if no one hears about it, no one will see it.

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