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10 Underrated Lifetime Movies on Netflix

Whether it’s a heart-warming tearjerker or an edge-of-the-seat thriller, we’ve got you covered. Lifetime movies on Netflix are delightful whenever you’re looking for a bit of drama, a sparkle of controversy and endings you might never succeed to predict.

Lifetime movies attract the American audience because they begin with realistic situations and end up in mind-blowing scenarios. However, not all those Lifetime movies streaming on Netflix are known to general film enthusiasts. The below article introduces you to some of the best, yet worst criticized such cinematic productions. Let’s see more!

Why are Lifetime Movies Called So?

Lifetime movies don’t bear this name because they might happen in real life. Although they do. These films were first aired by Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) for a general feminine audience. They soon caught the eye of a wider audience, so the channel even began producing biographies of famous persons. Even though the movies broke the boundaries of cable TV, there’s a bit of unplanned marketing behind them. Americans know lifetime movies by this name and almost acknowledge them as film genres.

According to Netflix Guides, some of the best lifetime movies are about drama, romance, mystery, and crime. Read this guide to also discover which movies you can watch with your entire family.

The Watcher

Desperate for a new start, Emma and Noah take all their savings and purchase a new home in Los Angeles. The place is perfect.

Until soon after they move in and start receiving mysterious letters (and dead birds) from The Raven, someone (or thing), claiming to be the true owner of the house. And the Raven wants them gone.

Salem Falls

Jack’s plans to move across the country are derailed when his car breaks down in small-town Salem Falls. While waiting for the repair and doing odd jobs around the town’s diner, he falls for local Addie, and decides to stay.

Jack soon finds himself the unwanted object of desire of a rich, resourceful, and determined teenage girl in town. Once it becomes clear that Jack is not interested, she devises a successful plan to take Jack down. And he must once again clear his good name, the exact thing he had been running away from.

The Client List

After her husband is injured and their home up for foreclosure, a mother of three takes employment at a massage parlor. But Samantha’s clients want much more than just a massage. She initially struggles with her morals but is soon blinded by the much-higher pay.

She becomes the most sought-after employee and is eventually arrested. She cops a deal by releasing her client list and tries to escape from this newfound life. Yet, she finds it difficult to go back to her old self.

The Lizzie Borden Chronicles

What happened to Lizzie Borden after the 1892 sensationalized murder trial of her father and stepmother and the surprising acquittal? She and her sister try to live the same way as before the trial in Fall River, Lizzie is too known now, and the girls are not good at managing what little money they have.

When their half-brother Billy and a shrewd business associate of their father’s (that the family was highly indebted to) come knocking, things worsen. And when Charlie Siringo is hired to delve deeper into Lizzie’s involvement in every wrongdoing in Fall River, things really begin to heat up. Further information on the actual trial is available on her Wikipedia page.

10 Underrated Lifetime Movies on NetflixSteel Magnolias

Just as the original in 1989 did, Steel Magnolias tells the story of the unbreakable bond of a group of strong women in Louisiana. Through domestic abuse, neglect, death, birth, and every other little thing that life can throw at you, these ladies endure and triumph through it all, together.

In between actually getting their hair done, the women gossip and plan at Truvy’s hair salon. While the story has been modernized to reflect today’s society, the innards of the movie are true to the original, with the main storyline centering around M’Lynn’s daughter Shelby’s life and death. This is the same tale of a tight-knit female family, unrelated by blood.

Secrets of Eden

Residents of Haverhill, Vermont are shocked by the murder-suicide of two of their residents, Alice and George Hayward. But the secrets revealed turn out to be more shocking.

Details emerge about the tragedy that does not add up. It is also revealed that Alice was having an affair with the handsome and friendly pastor, Reverend Drew, leading many people (and the authorities) to believe he may be culpable. George’s abuse against Alice is also exposed as well as its effects on their teenage daughter.

Brace for Impact

After her brother is killed in a plane crash, Sofia decides to investigate. As an investigator for airplane crashes, this should be part of her job; except she has been specifically instructed not to, citing her recent emotional outbursts. But she feels extremely guilty as she should have been on that same flight but had had a panic attack.

As she begins to unravel the story, she learns about a possible thwarted terrorist attack and a cover-up behind it. But no believes Sofia, nor does she trust anyone with her findings.

Fatal Honeymoon

When a new bride drowns on her honeymoon, only 11 days after her wedding, the investigation immediately begins. Was this an accident? And if it wasn’t, who is to blame? When her new husband Gabe’s accounts of the accident don’t add up, he becomes a suspect, eventually pleading guilty and serving 18 months in an Australian prison.

However, Tina’s father wants to pursue murder charges back in the United States, citing that not only did he murder Tina, but that it was pre-meditated. But the case is dismissed by the judge before it can reach the jury, due to lack of evidence. The real-life story is even more shocking, according to this article.

Mistaken Identity

After 18 months, it’s discovered that two boys were accidentally switched at the hospital after their births. Now Morgan, a well-to-do married woman and Linda, a down-on-her-luck single mother are faced with an impossible question.

Whose child belongs to who? Is your child the one you birthed or the one that you raised?

William and Kate

Although not about the most-recent royal couple, William & Kate is the next best thing, depicting the courtship between the current Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

We see them from their first encounter while at St. Andrew’s University in Scotland in 2003, through the many trials and tribulations involving both pestering from the media and stress from their families, to their marriage in 2011.

So what are you waiting for? Get to watching!

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