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3 Risqué Comedy Series You Can Stream Right Now

Until relatively recently, television was pretty sanitized. Series would talk about sex and even show a bit of under-the-covers action, but they weren’t brave enough to go further. The networks wouldn’t let them, for fear of backlash. If you wanted something a bit more on the nose, HBO was your go-to.


But with streaming services beginning to rule the market, that’s starting to change. It is far easier for parents to restrict access to their children, and if you don’t want to see something, you’re not going to just stumble upon it.


Series have started taking bigger risks than ever before, toying with format and sometimes seeing how far they can go with the dirty jokes. For a great streaming experience that covers all your bases, Kodi is your best bet. Make sure you get the best VPN for Kodi to ensure you get to watch everything you want with no restrictions.


These are 3 risqué comedies pushing the boundaries on streaming networks now.


  1. Big Mouth


For a series about puberty, Big Mouth is not all that kid friendly. Its creators don’t want it to be kept from teens who will relate, but many parents may not agree that this level of explicitness is necessary. Big Mouth centers on Nick and Andrew, among a great cast of characters, who are going through puberty with their “hormone monsters” at their sides.


From a nude dance number about the beauty of female anatomy in a bath house, to embarrassing accidents at school events, this show doesn’t hold back. The absurdity is as hilarious as the jokes, and you’ll find yourself amazed at how much you relate. It’s the show your pubescent self could have done with.


Seasons 1 and 2 of Big Mouth are streaming on Netflix.


  1. Paradise PD


This is a cop show unlike most others. Paradise PD, a relatively new Netflix series, is about a police department in a small town. The main character is Kevin, who wants to follow in his father, the chief of police’s, footsteps. But since he accidentally shot his father’s balls off as a child, he is finding it hard to win back trust.
Eventually, he forces himself into the dysfunctional police department, making himself indispensable. Considering the alternatives, Kevin is an upgrade. There’s a talking dog who accidentally kills all the neighborhood dogs, and far more crazy premises that make for storylines most shows wouldn’t dare to follow.


  1. Transparent


Unlike the other shows on this list, Transparent has a lot of gravitas in addition to its willingness to go big on the sex talk and scenes. Transparent changed the way many people understood what it means to be transgender. The series does an excellent job at treating a range of issues with sensitivity, including having a trans parent, polyamorous sex, statutory rape, and religious identity.


There are some steamy sex scenes along the way, and not the same old heteronormative sex either. With 4 seasons streaming on Amazon Prime Video right now, what are you waiting for?

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    Why are you promoting piracy (Kodi w/VPN). I thought this was a legitimate news site?