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The Most Anticipated Movies on Netflix in 2019

Netflix has proven to be our main source of entertainment, well that, casino gaming and reading Facebook comments. Click here to learn more if you are still waiting for any of the below mentioned releases for 2019. With Netflix gaining a loyal following we have noted that all releases are truly quality releases. Gone are the days where we would watch a movie from a leading film producer and be sorely disappointed by the slapstick storyline and low budget actors and enter the days where we hear Netflix is working on an original that we know we are ultimately going to welcome, grab the popcorn and separate ourselves from our mobiles. With that being said and being all caught up on Netflix, we look to the future and find out what is in the pipeline for the notorious online movie and TV show name that is Netflix. Here are our picks of the most anticipated movie releases.

Six Underground

Ryan Reynolds stars in the much anticipated film directed by Michael Bay. Although there haven’t been many leaks regarding the plot, we do know it’s an action based film revolving around 6 billionaires who fake their deaths to form a criminal fighting squad and eliminate notorious criminals. Any movie with Ryan Reynolds is a hit and we expect no less from Netflix this year.

Murder Mystery

This will be the second movie starring both Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler as co-stars, a development we are most happy with. The 2019 release is said to be a comedy action movie with a mysterious twist. The plot involves a NY police officer who takes his young beautiful wife on a vacation she has always wanted. While on route to their European vacation a billionaire invites them onto his yacht where he is murdered, leaving them as the prime suspects.

Homecoming: A Film by Beyonce

As the name suggests, Homecoming is a documentary focusing on Beyonce and her musical talents during the 2018 Coachella


Of course there has to be a horror film on the list of most anticipated films of 2019. The American horror film is directed by Ciaran Foy and tells the tale of a boy who suffers from a disease residing in a house that isn’t half as safe as he initially thought was safe.

Always Be My Maybe

The comedy is based on a story of two friends on two different social platforms falling in love.

Christmas in the Wild

We are assuming this movie hit will be released closer to Christmas, but you never know! The plot follows a jilted bride embarking on her honeymoon in the African outback and finding love in all the unexpected places you could imagine.

There are, of course, many more blockbusters on the way and we can’t say we aren’t excited about them too. Now all you need to do this season is get your remote ready, the popcorn fired up and warm up the bed, winter is coming!

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