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Casino Games Inspired by Famous Films

Here at Cut Print Film, we love all things film-related and we always marvel at how some of the most famous films have influenced other industries around the world. Take the gaming industry as an example. Movies have played a consistent role in shaping the gaming industry with many games dedicated to some of the most famous movies of all time. Of course, gaming is a very broad term and you will find movie-based board games and video games available everywhere.

However, for this post, we thought we would look at some popular casino games that are based on famous movies. Casino games are more popular than ever due to the ever-increasing sophistication of web-based technologies. Software such as HTML5 allows you to play casino games for mobile pretty effectively so what type of casino games are there that are based on famous films? A lot of virtual slot machines have movie themes so here’s our pick of the best ones:

batmanslot11. Batman

Readers will need no introduction to the caped crusader and Batman has inspired several online casino games in his honor. The software development company has perhaps the best Batman casino game in the form of a 5 reel slot. The wild icon in this game is represented by Batman himself and players can spin the reels to win big jackpots with other symbols comprising of the Batmobile, The Joker and James Gordon. It’s a pretty cool tribute to the superhero himself.

bridesmaidsposter2. Bridesmaids

The 2011 movie was a massive success and the comedy told the story of Annie and her fellow bridesmaids as they prepared for their friend’s wedding with disastrous results. Slot developer Microgaming acquired the licence and subsequently released the Bridesmaids slot machine. It’s a great game with 40 paylines. A lot of the original characters from the film make an appearance and this slot has some excellent bonus features including free spins and wild combinations. It’s worth a few spins so check it out.

jurassicparkslot3. Jurassic Park

Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece is arguably one of the most popular films of all time and its slot machine equivalent is an excellent choice. This game has also been developed by Microgaming and it is packed with bonus content. Players will encounter some vicious dinosaurs and be able to play on Alert Mode as well as pick up plenty of free games and multipliers. The graphics are fantastic and the daunting music really makes for an exciting atmosphere.

psychoslot14. Psycho

A lot of players choose to play from mobile casinos and the Psycho slot game is available on these types of sites. NetxGen Gaming won the rights of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic horror and this slot takes you on an eerie trip to the infamous Bates Motel. There are plenty of creepy symbols to interact with and the game has a base game jackpot of 2500X your line bet so the game has the potential to pay out massively. There are also free spins to play for as well. A great slot for the horror movie fans.

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