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Great Scary Documentaries You May Have Missed


While we can all enjoy classic horror films such as Halloween and The Omen, the genre has unfortunately turned into a pastiche. Thankfully there’s been a great selection of scary documentaries over the recent years that have managed to deliver a chilling glimpse at spooky happenings in regular life and beyond.

So in case you fancy adding a slightly sinister twist to your evening, check out these spooky documentaries that focus on real-life killers and mythical figures who’ve even inspired some surprising online games that serve as a timely reminder of the storytelling power of modern gaming.

Paradise Lost

The basic act of murder is the standard premise for any scary documentary, and whilst many of us have been suckered into the complexities of Making A Murderer, this acclaimed documentary pales in comparison to the horrendous injustices suffered in HBO’s Paradise Lost.

This 1996 documentary focused on the killing of three children in Arkansas, and what you get is a chilling insight into the American justice system and an amazing selection of slightly-backwards characters that’ll make you think twice before booking a vacation in West Memphis.

The Paradise Lost documentary quickly became the stuff of legend, but even a fictional horror story can become a compulsive documentary like the recent Ian Rankin Investigates: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde series.

This acclaimed BBC documentary saw the Scottish crime writer unravelling the facts and myths behind the Robert Louis Stevenson story. Such is the potency of the tale that it even made an appearance on the simple to use Euro Palace online casino site as the Jekyll and Hyde slots game that serves as a particularly tempting introduction to the gaming fun.

Although turning the infamous split-personality into an mobile gambling game might seem unusual, it makes perfect sense as the site features a range of gaming adaptations of classic fictional themes. With the Jekyll and Hyde slots game appearing alongside Euro Palace’s other user-friendly gambling games like Dragon’s Myth, Phantom Cash and Victorian Villain, it shows how ripe such terrifying fare is amongst the rapidly growing online casino fanbase.

Themes of phantoms also emerge in the 2002 documentary A Haunting In Connecticut. This made-for-TV special has earned iconic status amongst horror fans for its spooky reenactment of the terrifying events occurring at the Snedeker family home that will have you hiding behind the sofa.

And finally the My Amityville Horror documentary pays perfect homage to the horror classic by unearthing the gruesome story that inspired the cinematic shocker. Which all goes to show that although horror fiction can be spooky, it’s rarely as terrifying as the underlying truth!


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