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Netflix Spring 2018: What to Watch

Netflix Spring 2018: What to Watch

Although the weather in certain parts of the country could have fooled a lot of people, we are actually in the middle of spring, aren’t we? Now, the piles of snow and that awful wind might have stopped some from going to the movies but nothing can stop you from turning on Netflix and chilling, as they say. Especially now, when the streaming service seems to pull out all stoppers by announcing a huge money drop into the Netflix Originals to expand the selection for the viewers to the range previously unknown. ($8 billion and 700 new titles, like, really?)

So, it stands to reason to keep tabs on this streaming giant and see what they already have to offer. Here’s the list of five titles on Netflix this spring you don’t wanna miss.

Mercury 13

Netflix is one of the services that try real hard to walk in step with the progress, including in their network the titles that harshly touch on equality issues of all sorts. Mercury 13 might be one of the best true story movies with its documentary take on the issue of the inequality of sexes. It will tell you the story of the 13 women who had undergone the tests to become the first people in space but were never accepted because they were, well, women.

The Mercury 13 women (named so maybe in part to mock the Mercury 7 name of the all-male team created under the Mercury project) had shown at least equally good results to the men chosen for the program and were shot down, it seems, for purely sexist reasons that do not paint NASA of the 1960s all that well. But despite failing, the Mercury 13 have shown many other women a way; they are a part of the reason we stand today where we do. This is not the perfect and equal place yet but compared to 60 years ago, we’ve come a long way.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Season 2

Jessica Jones’s first season sailed off marvelously enough to be called the best among the Marvel’s TV-shows, and for a reason. It was dark, noir-ish even, deeply psychological, and at some points, maybe a bit scary. (There are some people on social networks who said they regretted starting the binge-watching session at night because they couldn’t sleep after like 7 episodes)

The first season of the series had had quite a rounded, wholesome ending, a good closure and a true completeness. Which, consequently, created a challenge for the second season since the original comics had no other villain for Jessica to face but Kilgrave. So what does the second season have in store for us?

Well, avoiding spoilers, the new Jessica Jones, a character as well as a series, is the same yet different. The questions and issues our hero faces this time around are still root-deep in her conscious and subconscious, and they are still quite relatable to the troubled audience despite all the superpowers schtick; the series is still quite dark, psychological, and overall interesting to follow, although maybe just a tiny bit less noir. Jessica faces new cases, trials, and navigates life as best as she can. Which is to say, not really that good but that’s what we love about her.

Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season 5

If you are still not hooked onto this show, you’re losing on quite a lot—it is funny, action-filled, and has everything the millenials love. Please don’t say it’s only a cartoon because there is most certainly nothing “only” about it.

The latest, 5th, season of the space adventure about five Paladins and their friends is, to some point, an in-between. It has its own plots, subplots, family issues, revelations (some of them like, WHOA!), and really a whole load of action for each and every significant character but its main purpose seems to be to lay down the road for what is to follow. It is only six-episodes long but the season will show you so much you will spend months till the next season (scheduled for this summer, mind you) racking your brains about what happens after that. Also, it stays faithful to being extremely entertaining.

On My Block

This one is another title dealing with discrimination. After the success of Dear White People, no one is really surprised to see another promising title centering around people of color. And it does not disappoint, although in a very different way from what you’d expect.

In this coming-of-age series, you are to meet four smart kids growing up navigating the life in a rough LA neighborhood. From really basic things like wanting or not wanting to blend in to the problems of kids being dragged into gangs because they have nowhere else to turn to. The title was highly praised for its tension as well as its view of the everyday life of young POC surrounded by violence, prejudice, and lack of trust in society that often sees them as lesser. The series has already been prolonged to season two, same as Dear White People.

Aggretsuko: Season 1

Netflix has been rapidly expanding its anime list throughout the last months, this spring being kinda rich in them, too, but Aggretsuko (short for Aggressive Retsuko) is something in its own league and that something is so worth watching!

Retsuko is a red panda office worker. Yeah, well, no one is surprised, it’s Japanese anime we’re talking about, red panda in an office suit is nothing unusual, really. (And it is drawn better than Peppa Pig) As any middle-range office worker, Retsuko gets a lot of stress. No, like, A LOT. Every office worker will feel her. Aren’t there times when you just want to smash that tea mug into your boss’s head, throw your laptop out of the window and scream? Well, Retsuko has her own outlet to avoid snapping. She goes to karaoke and “sings” to death metal. Screams. She screams to death metal. And you’ll never believe how relaxing a series of 15-minute episodes about a screaming red panda can be. Watch it. You won’t regret that. Probably.

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