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The 5 Best Animated Films of the 21st Century

The animated movie industry has grown from just mere stop-motion cartoons to great animated characters with near real colors. The 20th century has seen this evolution in just a few decades. According to illustrators who create animation movies, the work involved may be significant, but the results are always admirable for all viewers. For those who love animation, we will mention the best animated movies of the 21st century and what makes them great.

The Triplets of Belleville

This is a 2003 animated movie in a French comic style. Although it is a silent movie, it has had its share of popularity across the globe. The characters express different moods at various times. This is a story told from the heart and has entertained many with its emotion and humor. The movie has been nominated for awards in the category of best animated feature. To date, it is still a great animated movie to grace your living room for the whole family.

The Lego Movie

This animated movie premiered in 2014. It was directed by Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, who ensure that people have a humorous animated blockbuster. Most people know the animation in this movie for the excellent colors and humor of the animated Lego toys. The directors cast Chris Pratt as the Lego toy who is tasked with fighting and destroying the evil business person played by Will Ferrell. According to most viewers of the animated movie, the scenes are unforgettable and worth watching again and again.


In 2007, the 21st century welcomed this creative and colorful animated movie. Based on the theme of fine French cuisine, the animation features a French rat who wants to be a chef. The movie received a lot of praise all over the world especially from those who love cooking or eating a fine meal. Notably, the movie also portrays the innocence of the main character, the rat that wanted to be the best chef. Today, this Oscar-winning blockbuster still has a place in the hearts of many. No wonder that it is featured on the list of the best animated movies.

World of Tomorrow

Most people would wonder why a short animated film would be featured on this list. However, this 2015 animation runs for only 17 minutes and leaves one craving for more. The emotions it triggers makes it unique and famous all over the world. There is no corner of the world where Don Hertzfeldt has not been praised for delivering such a powerful message of hope in a short experience. What the world has become is something Emily must fight to survive even though she is full of innocence.

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

Children always love tales, and this animated movie is just what they would enjoy watching. This 2013 animated film is set in 10th century Japan, but the tale is more interesting than many would imagine. According to the director Isao Takahata, the aim of the movie is not only to entertain but also to show people how a princess lived. Make sure that your kids have the opportunity watch this animation.

Most of these animated movies have an interesting storyline that kids can easily follow. Additionally, most of them also make sure that you get to enjoy vivid colors, creativity and humor. Be sure to enjoy the discussed animated movies if you have not watched them.

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