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Stream An Original Track From The “Mudbound” Soundtrack

Original music by: Tamar-kali

Just in case you missed it amongst all the Thanksgiving/Black Friday madness, the folks at Netflix actually released one of their more prestige-primed films last week in Mudbound. Set in the steamy, Jim Crow era South, the film follows the harrowing tale of two families — one white and one black — struggling through the hard times of farm life in post-war/pre-Civil Rights America.

If that synopsis doesn’t sound “prestige” enough for you, the film boasts a stellar cast in Garrett Hedlud, Carey Mulligan, Rob Morgan, Mary J. Blige, Jason Clarke and Jonathan Banks. It was also directed by burgeoning indie-auteur Dee Rees (Pariah). While it remains to be seen whether or not the Academy is ready to embrace Netflix Original Films, it’s a safe bet that Mudbound is just the sort of film to press their hand.

Even if Mudbound doesn’t work its way into the Best Picture race, it may well land a handful of nomination in smaller categories. With any luck, Tamar-kali is a name that will be in the mix for the Best Original Score category. Tasked with capturing the heavy tones and underlying moods of such a complex, timely story, Tamar-kali set about the assignment by imagining that she, “was creating a sonic painting to accompany the visuals as well as giving a voice to the human characters and the farm itself.”

That’s exactly what Tamar-kali did. The composer managed the task by blending subtle string arrangements with simple six-string guitar compositions and unusual percussive elements to craft an Earthy, ethereal sound that fits somewhere between classic Americana and baroque chamber music. Yes, that mix is as interesting as it sounds. You can get a little taste of Tamar-kali’s score by pressing play right now. Do it.

Mudbound is now in limited release and readily available to stream on Netflix. As the film is already making some awards season noise, you’ll definitely need to check it out … or at least add it to your queue. If you liked what you heard of Tamar-kali’s stunning original score, the cool cats over at Milan Records have already released it on all digital platforms, so go download your copy today. Just FYI – if physical copies are your thing, CDs are hitting shelves today.

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