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Soundtrack Preview – King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword

Original Music by Daniel Pemberton

Blockbuster movie season kicked off last week when Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy soared into theaters. By the looks of the box-office numbers, audiences are more than ready for some mindless, big-budget kicks. Guy Ritchie looks to up the ante this week with his balls-to-the-wall action epic King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword.

I honestly have no idea what to expect from King Arthur. It looks a little like A Knight’s Tale (2001) by way of a Lord Of The Rings (2001) budget … only, ya know, with Excalibur. Our own Alistair Ryder called it “a wholly enjoyable failure.” I’d like to think that’s a hearty endorsement, but I suppose time will tell.

All we really know is that Guy Ritchie’s ‘rules don’t apply’ approach to movies should make for a wild ride through the King Arthur mythos. In short, it’ll be utter mayhem. Ritchie tasked Composer Daniel Pemberton (Steve Jobs, Man From U.N.C.L.E.) with taking that ‘rules don’t apply’ ethos and crafting a score that “sounded like nothing else.” Pemberton responded by matching that mayhem with a booming, eclectic original score.

And no, it doesn’t really sound like anything else. The 26 songs that comprise Pemberton’s King Arthur score sound like they were recorded in the belly of a giant beast by an orchestra of mongrels. The songs are bold and boisterous, regal and impish, ominous and exhilirating. The instrumentation is savage and inventive. And the overall vibe is nothing short of epic insanity …  in a good way.

But you’ll hear all that in this killer little sample track if you decide to press play. Enjoy!

King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword hits theaters this week, so you can judge for yourself whether it’s a ‘failure’ or ‘wholly enjoyable’ or a bit of both. Whatever your hot-take is, know that Daniel Pemberton’s original music for the film is a rousing success. That music is now available to stream or download  from your platform of choice via WaterTower Music. Physical copies (CD only) will hit stores on May 19, so keep your eyes peeled.

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