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Vimeo Short Film Of The Week: ‘Curve’

Short films matter. Vimeo wants you to know it. So do we. That’s why every week we’ll take a look at some of the short film world’s best and brightest. This week, we bring you Tim Egan’s white-knuckle thriller Curve.

The Plot: A young woman attempts to escape a perilous situation.

The Film:

Short films are often forced to tell a compelling story with very few resources. Set in a single location and featuring a lone actor, Tim Egan’s Curve is a study in how much a short can achieve without a lot of flash. With such confounding setup, Curve hardly needs any flash.

What’s that setup you ask? Without giving away too much, the film opens with its heroine in the middle of a dire situation. One that might seem escapable if not for its deceptively simple design. Egan essentially drops viewers into the middle of a nightmare. His protagonist wakes up a few feet from safety and a few feet from doom. We don’t know who she is. We don’t know how she got there either. The beauty of Egan’s setup is that neither of those things matter. What follows is nine minutes of sweaty-palmed, cinematic anxiety.

That’s saying a lot since not much happens in Curve. Egan’s twisted narrative opens and closes in the same location. And the film ends on a devastatingly ambiguous note. But Egan keeps the heart-stopping angst pumping throughout. He does so by skillfully exploiting the simplicity of Rob MacKenzie’s set with a mix of angsty wide-angle photography and claustrophobic close ups. He does so by building a wave of unease from Craig Jansson’s ominous sound design. And he does so by letting Laura Jane Turner immerse herself in all that angst. Turner spends the entirety of Curve in a contorted position, clawing and bleeding and screaming for her life. It’s a testament to that performance that you feel so much for the character even though you know so little.

It’s a grueling, emotionally raw performance that gets under your skin. Coupled with Egan’s near flawless execution, it allows Curve to dig in there as well. And it’ll remain there long after the credits roll.


Meet The Crew:   

Written, Directed, Shot & Edited by: Tim Egan Starring: Laura Jane Turner Set Designer: Rob MacKenzie Sound Designer: Craig Jansson 

I hope you enjoy Curve! Tim Egan’s film has spent the last year or so racking up accolades on the festival circuit. It even took home the Best Short Horror award from 2016’s Fantastic Fest. Believe it or not, Curve is the first film Egan has directed. And it more than makes him a director worth watching. We’ll have to wait a little longer to find out what he’s lining up as his next project. Here’s hoping he brings the same visceral energy to it. Until then, be sure to head over to Vimeo so you can check out a few of the thousands of the other short films – animated, live action and documentary – the Vimeo team have made available for your viewing pleasure (via desktop or mobile device – SWEET!). You’re sure to find something interesting. And you may just stumble across the next great filmmaker.



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