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Vimeo Short Film of the Week: ‘Don’t Keep Your Love A Secret’

Short films matter. Vimeo wants you to know it. So do we. That’s we’re taking a weekly look at some of some of the short film world’s best and brightest. This week, we bring you Jason Headley’s pitch-black romantic comedy Don’t Keep Your Love A Secret.

The Plot: A bickering couple visits a therapist in hopes of rekindling the spark that brought them together.

The Film:

As a genre, “couples in therapy” films are typically dominated by scenes of  troubling confessions, weepy confrontations, and hard-earned forgiveness. It’s rare, if ever, that a filmmaker uses that setup for anything but high drama and romance. Enter Jason Headley and Don’t Keep Your Love A Secret, which, on the surface, has all the makings of the weepy romantic drama you’d expect from its setup. Except that it isn’t a weepy romantic drama at all. In fact, if you’re crying at all during Headley’s film, it’s probably because you’re laughing so hard.

And you will laugh throughout Don’t Keep Your Love A Secret, even as the film’s central twist all but dares you not to. Of course, one could probably say the same about most of the better comedies produced over they years. Without spoiling that twist, we’ll simply say that it’s a doozy, that it’s one of the more clever bits of scripting you’re likely to see in a film this year, and that it completely alters the context of every single moment that comes in its wake.

With those moments unfolding to escalating degrees of hilarity, Headley’s crisp writing and light-handed direction assure that each acerbic silence, droll facial gesture, and incisive line land with maximum comedic impact. Stars Dana Blasingame and Matt Jones (yes, that’s Badger from Breaking Bad) bolster Headley’s writing with sharp, instinctive performances that give their characters a soulfulness even in their soullessness; though the pair is almost outshone by the  supporting work of Rachel Hamilton, who delivers a deliciously dry performance as the couple’s hilariously bewildered therapist.

We’d say more, but we’d rather you just discover the twisted joys of Don’t Keep Your Love A Secret for yourself. Just make sure you’ve got a hanky handy for all those tears.

Meet The Crew of Don’t Keep Your Love A Secret: 

Written & Directed by: Jason Headley  Starring: Dana Blasingame, Matt Jones and Rachel Hamilton Director of Photography by: Jesse Eisenhardt Edited by: Tim Fender Music by: Alex Cuervo 

We hope you enjoy Don’t Keep Your Love A Secret! Jason Headley’s film really is one of the more refreshing takes on the “couple in therapy” genre we’ve ever seen. And it more than proves Headley is a comedic talent to watch. If you’re wondering what the director’s been up to lately, he made his feature debut with 2017’s SXSW Special Jury Award-winning comedy A Bad Idea Gone Wrong. Just FYI – if you haven’t seen that film yet, it’s currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video, and it’s available to rent over at iTunes Movies (it’s well worth the rental fee). If you’re interested, you can see the trailer for A Bad Idea Gone Wrong, as well as some of Headley’s prior work, over at his Vimeo Page.

While you’re kicking around, be sure to check out some of the thousands of other short films – animated, live action and documentary – team Vimeo has curated for your viewing pleasure (via desktop or mobile device … SWEET!). You’re sure to find something interesting, and you may just stumble across your new favorite filmmaker.



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