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Movie Bingo – The Best Thing to Happen to Bad Movies

So how does it work? We know that a lot of poor movies rely on the same tired tropes. This could be something like the romantic confession in the rain or a jump scare in a horror movie. These are organised onto cards and players must dab off the trope as they occur in the film.

The winner of the game is the one to fill up their card first, which can come from a mixture of luck and skill. You’ll have to watch the movie intently to see the tropes you need, which gives you a reason to pay attention to terrible movies. It doesn’t just need to be for bad movies either, as these cards can spice up kids’ movies for bored parents too, after all there are only so many times you can watch these without getting bored.

Even television shows can be improved in this way, as you can guess what will happen by the end of the series. Game of Thrones, for example, is rife with people guessing where the characters will end up. Just create some bingo cards and you’re ready to turn these predictions in a competitive sport.

The rise of bad movie bingo ties in with the number of new bingo sites that we’re seeing as bingo becomes more popular again and will be more popular in 2017. You can see that the latest sites that launched this year appeal to a much younger audience, instead of the pensioners that may come to mind when you think of bingo. Bingo sites are reaching a fever pitch within pop culture again, appearing in movies and games alike.

Because of this, games like bad movie bingo are becoming more prevalent. It’s only natural that people want to combine movie watching with this competitive game. It’s a social experience and this game can even be the centre of a party, if your friends enjoy watching bad movies too. These party bingo games are in part responsible for making bingo interesting to young people once more.

While these are more of a social pursuit at the moment, there’s no reason that we couldn’t see these come to bingo halls or online. This would potentially allow players to win money while watching movies and dabbing off the tropes that they see. Romantic comedies are some of the best for this form of bingo, as they all have clichés that exist in a lot of them.

Parodies of these films often contain all of these kinds of tropes, as they boil these films down to their most base elements. These are the ones that make an appearance in lots of films and are the easiest to associate with the genre.

If you’re looking to improve the time that you spend watching movies then add an element of bingo into the mix. Even the most unbearable movies can become watchable once more and you can even laugh at the silliest scenes. Check it out and discover what bad movies all have in common, they might just surprise you.

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