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What We Know About John Wick Chapter 3

Action fans rejoiced last year when news of a third film in the John Wick series got the go-ahead to begin production. The John Wick Chapter 3 release date is scheduled for May 19th 2019, and headshot aficionados the world over can reliably expect the next film to deliver another serving of masterful steadicam gun fu choreography, intriguing neo-noir world building, and tongue-in-cheek mayhem. Details remain hazy, but recent press releases have plenty for audiences to get excited about.


Chad Stahelski Is Back Behind the Camera

Fans will be glad to hear the co-director of the original John Wick and sole director of the sequel is back in the director’s chair for the third installment. One of the initial masterminds behind creating the tone and visual aesthetic of the John Wick universe, Stahelski has used his experience as a stuntman to underpin his grasp of shooting action, with a seemingly innate understanding of the path a punch takes from shoulder to silver screen. His return for this project means fans can hopefully look forward to the series continuing its rich tradition of action authorship, as well as possibly thematic 20 free spins no deposit online games.


Some Familiar Faces Return

There are some familiar faces from the last film announced to be returning to work on the third go around. In addition to, obviously, Keanu Reeves donning the black suit again, Laurence Fishburne, Common, and Ruby Rose are all confirmed to be back. Respectively, that means the fringe assassin warlord Bowery King, mute bodyguard Ares, and rival hitman Cassian are all back in the picture. While there’s no confirmation yet on whether other fan favourites like Lance Reddick’s Charon or Ian McShane’s Winston will make an appearance, veteran Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada has been cast as what’s likely to be Wick’s main foil, the two having worked together previously on 47 Ronin.


What We Can Hope For

The world of the John Wick universe has been impacted almost as much by what it alludes than what it actually clarifies. There’s a wealth of intriguing plot strands for the next installment to pick up on. Whether it’s the nature of the “Impossible Task” Wick completed or whether he’ll be coming after the mysterious High Table group that form the ruling cabal of the assassin underworld, we can only speculate at this point. There’s such a rich lore to be mined that there’s little doubt that the filmmakers have a wealth of possible ideas to toy with. Those fending for another hit may have to make do with The Continental, a new series set in the John Wick universe set around the hotels that serve as hubs for the shadowy network of assassins. With principal photography on John Wick Chapter 3 production due to start at the beginning of March in New York City (with Spain and Russia muted as further locations), it shouldn’t be too long before more details begin filtering into the public domain. Still, as has always been the philosophy behind depicting the world of the Baba Yaga’s blood-drenched exploits, less is often more.

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