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This year's most well-known and famous unearthed movie franchise, Alex Kurtzman's The Mummy, was one of the biggest failures of modern-day movie-making. This latest time the bandage-wrapped Egyptian returned to

Nick and Dani's meeting seems fit for a rom-com

Kevin Probably raises suspicions that a certain lack of rigorous talent scouting pervades the entire universe.

Join us as we discuss 1958's Vertigo, putting a lid on our Alfred Hitchcock Directors Series!

More decent than excellent, Branagh's Murder on the Orient Express might ultimately disappoint readers hoping to find the definitive interpretation of Christie's beloved novel.

The Wrap film critic and Linoleum Knife podcast co-host Alonso Duralde joins The News Reel to discuss the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor: Ragnarok, as well as

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On Lucifer, Maze beats the crap out of people, drinks to excess, has a lot

The problems of having too much empathy or not enough materialize on both Star Trek:

Both dark and funny, The Gifted firmly establishes that Mutant Lives Matter.

Chesapeake Shores doesn't resolve whether Trace will leave Abby for country music stardom, but it

Star Trek: Discovery tackles hard-hitting issues like racism, sexism, religious fundamentalism, and Klingon eating habits

Our review of the first episode of The Gifted.