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The News Reel: Episode 100 (with Jason Bailey and Matt Donnelly)

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Zach and Brian celebrate 100 episodes of The News Reel with a look at Netflix. Is it bad for movies? Is it good business? Maybe there is a happy medium? They’re joined by Flavorwire’s Jason Bailey and The Wrap’s Matt Donnelly to discuss Netflix’s impact on movies and on the film industry, and discuss what could become of the streaming giant.


Netflix vs. the Movies (6:20)

“Attention “Disruptors”: Art is Not #Content”

“How ‘Okja’ makes the Case For Netflix Original Films”


Netflix vs. the Film Industry (28:30)

“‘Netflix My Ass’ Aftermath: Ted Sarandos says Sony Chief Tom Rothman called to explain”

“Netflix Chief Ted Sarandos Uncensored: Why Blockbusters Are Doomed”

“Netflix Plans to Move Production to California, ‘Invest in Infrastructure,’ Ted Sarandos says”


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Zach Dennis is a contributor for Cut Print Film and co-host of The News Reel Podcast.

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