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Casino: 10 Fun Facts Surrounding the Cult, Iconic and Masterful Movie

When you have a director hitting from with the likes of Scorsese, who teams up once again with DeNiro and Pesci, then you have a recipe for truly iconic filmmaking.

But not everything goes to plan as you would imagine when dealing with masters of their craft. Here we look at some very interesting facts behind the film which could have been a whole lot different had chance or editing not played their part.



You’d be safer off playing in a casino online than messing with the likes of Sam ‘Ace’ Rothstein


The casino lifestyle is a magnet for film producers and the people who partake in gambling activities. For many these days, it’s now online betting through sites like https://www.casinosuomi.eu which would offer a much safe set of tables and slots to gamble at than in the establishment which is run by DeNiro’s character Sam. The film Casino was released in 1995 and brought to the screen via real people and actual events surrounding the life of Frank Rosenthal aka ‘Lefty’.


With a strong backstory, a sturdy cast and one of cinema’s greatest visionaries, what could possibly go wrong? Here are 10 facts surrounding the film Casino.


It’s not all fun and casino games shooting a movie, guess some things are just meant to be


  1. So nervous where the studio lawyers that before the film went into production the characters had their names altered. Even for the advertising, the film was referred to as an adaption of a true story, rather than being based on one. Scorsese basically came out saying it was all true!


  1. Most of the dialogue between Pesci and DeNiro were improvised.


  1. The F-bomb was dropped 435 times which comes to an average score of 2.4 F’s per minute.


  1. In total DeNiro wears 70 different costumes and suits which were all tailor-made from scratch.


  1. Spoiler Alert: During the scene where Joe Pesci is whacked, he broke the same rib, DeNiro also broke during the filming of Raging Bull.


  1. Actresses who failed their auditions for the role of Ginger include Michelle Pfeiffer, Uma Thurman, Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Rene Russo and Cameron Diaz. It took the talents of Sharon Stone to sway casting.


  1. The famous Vice Scene was cut from Finnish VHS release when the film came out for public sale. This scene was actually from the account written in the book “Casino: Love and Honour in Las Vegas” which recounts an interrogation between Tony Spilotro and the unlucky gangster Billy McCarthy. Tony was the bases of Pesci’s character.


  1. The character of Lester played by James Woods broke the rules and improvised the wedding scene when speaking to Ginger.


  1. To avoid continuity errors when it came to chain smoking character DeNiro played, he would hold the cigarette the same distance from the lit-end so it wouldn’t appear to change.


  1. “Any time, any place, any part, any fee.” The message left by James Woods to Scorsese’s office when hearing he was in contention for the role of Lester.
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