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Marvel Announces Inhumans TV Series



Unfortunately, Marvel have cancelled their big screen appearance of the Inhumans. However, hope is not lost. They have announced they are going to making an Inhumans TV series instead.

The Inhumans, for those who don’t know, are described by Marvel as “a race of superhumans with diverse and singularly unique powers.” They are the results of Kree experiments during their war with the Skrull. The Inhumans have made a large appearance in the Marvel Agents of Shield TV series where some of this has been explained and expanded upon.

There aren’t any plans though to make this new Inhumans series a spin-off from Agents of Shield, but it will instead be its owns series. This seems a little confusing because they played a major role in the recent Agents of Shield season and for this new series to be unaffiliated seems odd. However, we don’t know the full details of what the plot for this series will be. It could focus more closely on the Inhumans who live on the Moon similar to the comics instead of those living on Earth.

It is still a shame that the Inhumans won’t see a movie release. Many fans were looking forward to seeing whether they would impact on the story around the Infinity Stones and if so what their role would be. Deadpool and other Marvel superheroes are all slots games on Lucky Nugget Casino and hopefully in 2017 we’ll see an Inhumans one, too.

Although if we can’t a film version of Inhumans then a TV series is the next best thing. There has been confirmation, however, that Vin Diesel won’t be taking the role of Black Bolt (the leader of the Inhumans) in the TV show. This makes it seem like they are going to have to entirely recast for the TV series and that it will unfortunately be on a much smaller budget. Hopefully the scope and scale of the plot doesn’t suffer because of this.

Inhumans is going to be yet another Marvel comic to have TV series, joining the likes of: Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Agents of Shield and Agent Carter which have already been released. There are plenty of upcoming shows like Defenders and Iron Fist, too. It is a shame there won’t be a film, but Marvel TV shows are of such a high standard that hopefully Inhumans will follow suit. There are no details on when Inhumans will air, but it will be sometime in 2017 and it will be broadcast on ABC in the US.

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