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Ever since 300 landed on our screens a decade ago, it set a new benchmark for how the traditional historical epic could be ferocious and fiercely entertaining.

Although it’s easy to see the Zack Snyder-directed movie as being a mere cross between the dramatic Gladiator and the stylized Sin City, such was the success of the original that it not only inspired a pretty good sequel, but also led to the release of some notable online games.

So that’s why the internet has been awash with rumors about how we could eventually see a third installment of the 300 movies. There’s already a fairly minimal IMDb page in existence that suggests that the third film will be called 300: The Resurgence and could be released in 2017.

536393917_7c150024bb_zBut what will feature in the next 300 movie remains a mystery. The original film delighted in a gory retelling of ancient Spartans locked in an epic battle against a brutal Persian invasion. And with an eye-catching use of a super-imposition chroma key camera technique, it proved to be one of the most visually striking movies in the 21st century.

And although 2014 sequel, 300: Rise of an Empire, saw a great performance from Eva Green as Artemisia, it suffered from many historical inaccuracies and director Noam Murro failed to replicate the emotional weight of Zack Snyder’s original.

Not that there was any love lost for all-things Spartan as the gaming world was quick to get in on the action with the Sparta: War of Empires browser-game being joined by the Sparta slot that’s just one of the hundreds of games to be found at the Coral online casino website.

What has encouraged speculation about there being another 300 movie is the fact that one of the sequel’s main stars, Sullivan Stapleton, has repeatedly expressed his wish to do another sequel.

And seeing as many of the lead characters such as Themistocles, Queen Gorgo and Xerxes managed to survive the 2014 movie, it’s clear that there are many unresolved aspects of this engrossing historical tale.

But with the franchise’s main producer Zack Snyder being wrapped up in the upcoming DC Comics movie, Justice League, for the foreseeable future, it could be those online casino games that give us the best chance to stay in touch with the excitement of the Spartans in 2017.


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